Whatever your goals, we have protection plans to help you acheive them.

Life & Family

Life and family protection are most commonly used to protect your family from any financial effects regarding death or a severe injury. For many families, this is the hardest part of their financial planning process. Our trusted advisors will help you plan before the time is too late.

Asset Protection

At Higher Capital, we create investment protection solutions that are designed and custom-tailored specifically to protect you and your assets—helping secure your valuables. Working with a Higher Capital advisor, you’ll reach your goals faster, protect your assets longer, and find a Higher peace of mind.

Wealth Management

Catastrophic financial setbacks can occur at any given moment. Higher Capital’s effective wealth management team determines the appropriate asset allocation to implement your portfolio, given your risk tolerance, risk capacity, timeline, and your personal objectives.

About Higher Capital

Higher Capital was founded in 1998 by Marius DeVilliers—an accomplished business and financial sector entrepreneur.

Coming from a technical and financial background and holding four educational degrees including a BMin, M.A., MBA, and Ph.D, from the University of Stellenbosch, Marius has become an expert in the financial field as he’s able to identify investment opportunities in stable and fluid market environments. Taking his success into the marketplace, Marius led Higher Capital through a profitable 2008 financial crisis by liquidating key assets and making sound investment decisions.

In his downtime, Marius spends time teaching and performing humanitarian work in Africa. He is bilingual including English, Afrikaans, and Marius can communicate in Dutch and Flemish.

Your future is important to you.
It’s also important to us.

With your Higher Capital agent guiding you all the way, you’ll understand how simple and fulfilling it is to take action to protect your loved ones and your assets, along with having a solid peace of mind knowing that we’ll nurture, manage, and grow your overall wealth.

Retirement Planning

Your Higher Capital advisor will help you evaluate your desired retirement savings based on the lifestyle you want to live. Our planning strategies include multiple “what-if” scenarios that will help us identify and achieve your retirement goals. 

Investment Advice

Higher Capital advisors will evaluate your current portfolio and investment funds—along with other asset allocations such as IRAs, employer retirement plans, and taxable accounts to help your wealth grow in positive directions.

Education Planning

Not sure where to start? We’ll review the college/university/trade school costs at your desired institutions and we’ll project inflation, recommended savings amounts and recommended tax-advantaged saving methods—allowing you to save and send with peace of mind.

Insurance Planning

Evaluation of life, disability, and long-term care insurance policies’ strengths and weaknesses, followed by a recommendation on how much insurance needed and the most advantageous type of insurance products. Includes an analysis of needs for your family if you were to die or become disabled.

Estate Planning

Various reviews and recommendations to help: maximize wealth transfer and minimize estate taxes; minimize probate expenses, delays and publicity. Recommendations for management of family assets and to meet individual circumstances including incapacity, special needs, blended families and second marriages. Analysis of property titling to assure proper transfer.

Cash Flow and Debt Reduction

Review of current income, debts, monthly spending, fixed expenses, and savings goals; evaluation of how your spending and saving patterns contribute to or hinder attainment of your financial goals. Includes recommendations on debt reduction, suggested adjustments to spending and savings levels, and a discussion of how to accomplish these changes.

Why consider Higher Capital?

Higher Capital clients get the perks of large firm products and small firm relationships. Our agents take the time to know our clients and their families. They evaluate and understand their lifestyle and financial goals. 

Does Higher Capital have my best interests in mind?

We answer to our policy owners—not to the bear on Wall Street. This means our client’s interests are our interests too. Whether you’re a risky investor or safe saver, we want you to earn the highest return possible from your investments and protection plans. Not sure about where to start, that’s ok, we’ll guide you. 

Why should I use Higher Capital vs. Online Investing?

Financial planning can be a complex process. Online investing is created to calculate a list of resources designed based on your own answers. They won’t take into consideration if you forgot to include a specific need, resource, or goal.

Our (human) financial professionals are highly trained and have access to the latest tools and resources available in today’s market. As your needs change, we will work with you to make sure you’re covered with the best possible products and protection plans.  As your wealth grows, we’ll work with you so you can capitalize on the highest returns and achieve your short-and long-term goals. 


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