Brand Development

Camping Stick Kids

Camping Stick Kids hired Twenty 4 Design to review their existing brand and collateral. During our review of the Camping Stick Kids’ materials, we found several branding inconsistencies. These inconsistencies made it difficult to maintain a cohesive brand image. Once we were able to point out the problematic inconsistencies, our brand developers were able to create a brand management plan that included a redesign of their previous image, with an identity tailored specifically for their target audience.

Working directly with Camping Stick Kids directors, we were able to create a new set of guidelines. Our designers were able implement their new guidelines into a new logo and a brand presentation—directing the exact instructions for their marketing development, print material creation, and the Camping Stick Kids logo usage.

The end result of the rebranding project launched an entirely new set of Camping Stick Kids camp materials, curriculum and their one-of-a-kind book—”A Gospel Story”.


June 2018
Logo Development
Brand Guidelines
Collateral Design
Book Typesetting
Book Cover Illustration
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Brand Management

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